Gathering Information for a New Jersey Slip and Fall Lawyer

Often, there are witnesses who see plenty when a slip and fall takes place. They can verify what was there before, during, and after the event. Such information can help to verify your claim and significantly speed things along.

It is a good idea to know how to gather witness information after any accident takes place. Of course, your first priority is to make sure you and others with you are doing okay, in spite of the current situation. Once that is confirmed, you can focus on getting your details documented.

Taking Initiative with your New Jersey Lawyer

A New Jersey slip and fall lawyer will approach anyone who happens to be around the area in and ask them for a statement of what they saw. Start with any good Samaritans who came over to help out. They have a good nature and they will wish to assist you. Others may be standing around taking videos and that information can be quite useful.

Collect Contact Details after an Accident

Of course, it can be hard to remember all they share with you at the scene. Keep that short and simple so others you need to talk to don’t leave before you get a chance. Ask for their name and phone number. Most aren’t going to be willing to tell you where they work or their address. You need to respect their privacy. Get enough information for a New Jersey slip and fall lawyer so they can reach witnesses with ease.

Attempt to Gather Photos of the Accident

Try to get pictures of those witnesses as well as anyone who is there but isn’t talking to you. This is verification that the person was at the scene of the accident. Should you have to take your case to trial, that can confirm they are someone to listen to on the stand. Should the other party bring in a witness you don’t remember seeing there, looking at the pictures can help you confirm they were there or raise a red flag.

Collect Videos for your NJ Lawyer

It isn’t uncommon for witnesses to take videos of such slip and fall accidents. It is all a part of the media age we live in. That information can be very useful for your case. If you see anyone with their phone out who appears to be taking videos or pictures, ask them if they can please forward them to your phone. Try to get them to do it immediately so you have that information to work with and share with your New Jersey attorney.

Social Media

Sometimes, you are too hurt to too upset to think about reaching out to those watching the event unfold. You may be able to gather some witnesses through the use of social media. Keep it short and sweet – just stay you are looking for anyone who saw a particular slip and fall accident on a given date and time to contact you. Often, people will share this and so it gets around very quickly on the various social media entities.