10 Amazing Benefits from Seeing Anthony Marsh DC

There are plenty of wonderful benefits to gain from spending time getting adjusted by a chiropractor in West New York. You may not be feeling your best, and that isn’t something you should ignore. Pain or soreness is a symptom from your body that things aren’t right and you need to investigate it further. There is no reason to just struggle, find out how this type of treatment can help you the most!

You may think pain medication is the way to go. It can alleviate the pain for a period of time, but it isn’t going to resolve the issue in the end. Even stress can result in you not feeling your best. It can create physical pain and that makes it hard to get through the day or to sleep well at night. A visit Dr. Anthony Marsh chiropractor in New Jersey may be all it takes for you to start to feel better than you did before.

Dr. Anthony Marsh can make adjustments to your back and that will trigger a variety of health benefits throughout your body. These are 10 of those benefits you may not be aware of. Seeing how this type of treatment can assist you with feeling better may encourage you to schedule an appointment with Anthony Marsh DO.

Blood Pressure

Reducing high blood pressure is very important. There are studies that indicate chiropractic care can help to get it under control. Regular adjustments can help someone to see results in as little as a few months. After six months of controlling blood pressure, it is possible that Anthony Marsh DC will recommend to your doctor to reduce or eliminate the need for high blood pressure medications.

This is encouraging as such medications can be expensive. Even with insurance coverage, it can be a cost that you incur each month. Those funds can be used for other expenses or go into savings when you no longer have to take such medications. Never change your dose or stop taking such medications on your own. It needs to be with your doctor’s approval Dr. Anthony Marsh medical doctor will devise a plan with you to help you to ween off any current medications your are currently on.

High blood pressure medications can be difficult for the body to adjust to. The higher the dosage, the greater the risk of various side effects. Such side effects often include anxiety, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, and unexplained weight loss.

Colic in Children

For new parents, it can be very hard to deal with a child and colic. This can result in them crying in pain for long periods of time. It typically occurs around the same time of day or night too. Gentle manipulations by Dr. Anthony Marsh of New Jersey can help to reduce acid reflux and colic in young children.

This can help to soothe them and allow them to relax. It can help with digesting their food so they can sleep and be calm. Such manipulation should only be done by a skilled and licensed professional.

Control Inflammation

An underlying factor with quite a few health issues and back pain stem from inflammation. This can cause swelling and pressure, creating pain and discomfort. Efforts need to be taken to reduce and control the inflammation. The manipulation completed through various chiropractic services can make that possible.

You don’t want to try to tough it out. Studies indicate chronic inflammation can increase the risk of serious health issues. They include cancer, heart disease, and the abuse of medications to control pain. Chronic inflammation can also result in fatigue, irritability, and depression. Do what you can to get it taken care of through a pain management plan of action.

Fewer Headaches

Concerns over chronic headaches need to be addressed. The benefits of chiropractic care from Dr. Anthony Marsh West New York is widely accepted. Seeking such services on a regular basis can result in fewer headache days. It can also reduce the severity of such headaches. When the back or the neck are out of alignment, it can result in headaches due to the pressure created. Eliminating the pressure will make a difference. 

Neurological Concerns

It can be scary and upsetting to experience neurological issues. Chiropractic care can help to increase the blood flow to the brain. It also increases the amount of spinal fluid created. Such treatment can slow down the progression of symptoms related to epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

Pain in the Lower Back and Neck Areas

Perhaps the most widely known reason as to why people go to see Dr. Anthony Marsh chiropractor has to do with controlling pain in the lower back and the neck areas. It is believed more than ¾ of the population will have pain in one of these two areas at some point in their lives. Medications are often taken to control it, but that just covers up the underlying problem.

Over time, the body will build up a tolerance to such medications. This means higher doses will need to be taken. They will also need to be taken more frequently. Eventually, they aren’t going to work at all. This may require someone to need surgery in order to get some relief. Chiropractic care can be a good option to explore before going the route of medications or surgical procedures.

Such adjustments from a chiropractor can be a benefit. This is a low risk procedure too compared to surgery. It is also a very affordable type of pain management. This can help you to feel better in the least amount of time. In the long run, it can save you a substantial amount of money on your medical expenses too.


It can be very painful and hard to focus when you suffer from sciatica. This type of pain is one that radiates. It starts in the lower back region and then it moves down into the legs. This is the result of nerve damage that does down the length of the lower extremities from the back area. Such pain is often chronic, and it is very difficult to get comfortable.

Patients with sciatica are often struggling to find a good pain control method that works for them. It is important not to abuse medications in order to control this health issue. Seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis can help to take pressure off of the sciatic nerve. As a result, the pain is lessened and  inflammation is reduced. When such services are given regularly, the pain is also less severe ongoing.

Scoliosis Relief

A diagnosis of scoliosis means you have a curvature somewhere along the spine. This can cause a great deal of pain. It can also make it hard to practice good posture. Other symptoms can include difficulty breathing and limitations with your range of motion. While you do need to seek medical care for scoliosis, seeing Anthony Marsh DC is a good idea. They can help to offer relief.

Such services are often used in conjunction with physical therapy. This is going to help reduce pain and to slow down the progression of problems with the spine. The benefits and the overall outcome though are very specific to the patient. It depends on the severity of their diagnosis. Typically, the earlier the issue is caught, the more successful a person is with a treatment plan.

Top Shape for Athletics

An athlete often pushes their body to the limits. They workout, they practice, and they perform. It can be a personal challenge on all levels. Some sports are more intense than others, but all come with the risk of injuries or strains. Regular sessions with a Dr. Anthony Marsh can help an athlete to feel their best. It can reduce pain and it can even reduce the risk of serious injuries.

Athletes can benefit from reduced inflammation, and that promotes over all well-being. The additional blood circulation can help with reducing fatigue after hard practices and workout sessions. The immune system can get a boost too, helping them to feel their best and to reduce the risk of being under the weather due to germs or viruses.


When a person suffers from vertigo, they have bouts of dizziness than can make it hard to complete routine tasks. They may feel nauseous or even confused throughout the day because of it. An injury to the neck or the head can trigger the onset of vertigo. Being adjusted by a chiropractor can help to reduce the number of such episodes and the severity of them.

Such adjustments can also help with getting the body back into balance. Anthony Marsh chiropractor of West New York will create a detailed plan and target specific vertebrae to help with vertigo. If there aren’t sufficient results, they may move to another region and try again. Each patient will have to be assessed individually as vertigo can be complex to treat.